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What about Earthquakes?

Cyprus Civil Defence

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Stay Calm

The Cyprus Civil Defence, a department of the Ministry of Interior, is responsible for protecting civilians from natural or man-made disasters. It is staffed with permanent personnel and volunteers, and covers the whole island.


Our task was to create an informative, 30-second video to educate the public on how to act in the event of an earthquake, as well as some precautionary measures to take.


As natural disasters are quite a sensitive topic, we carefully considered the tone and wording of the script. The aim was to fill our audience with knowledge and confidence, not worry. We kept our visuals in line with this calm, factual approach in tone, avoiding unsettling imagery. Radio ads, Google GDN and YouTube were also empoloyed.


First, we concisely communicated the importance of having a predetermined escape route and meeting point outside of every building. Then, we emphasized how vital it is to remain calm in the event of an earthquake, and to take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture. Lastly, we informed the public that, once an earthquake has passed, it is best to stay in one place, as needless traffic can delay the rescue teams.


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