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No Time For Period Pain


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Four distinguished personalities, four different videos.


Nurofen and LifePharma part of the MJS Group, supported this innovative campaign. The call was to empower women to live every period of their lives and enhance brand engagement.

The campaign objectives were to encourage consumers to engage with the brand Nurofen in a positive and inspiring way. In addition, the aim was to communicate the message that Nurofen is the pain expert and that consumers can rely on the brand to help them continue their everyday activities during the most "difficult" periods of the month.


The strategy was to create awareness about the benefits of Nurofen Period which enables women to live their lives to the fullest, even during the difficult times of the month.

For this reason, key female figures from various sectors were employed and showed how they are unstoppable in every period of their lives. Real women provided an ideal cast portraying none other than themselves. The video's concept was simple yet representative of each woman's lifestyle.

Along with the film, on-site photography enriched the campaign with stunning visuals of the four women. The campaign also included OOH billboards, YouTube Ads as well as Social Media, and local publishers.


This Corporate Social Responsibility activity "No Time for Period Pain" was impactful and connected the brand with respected, female personalities. Its positive impact was also reflected in the brand perception.

A series of videos were created and published on YouTube and social media and viewed thousands of times. The campaign spread through a multi-channel approach which included billboards, radio ads, outdoor placements, and a dedicated landing page. 

The exposure achieved, exceeded initial estimations. People embraced this activity with enthusiasm and therefore developed a brand connection with Nurofen, which was the instigator of this action.


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Dedicated landing page


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