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Nurofen and LifePharma part of the MJS Group, supported this innovative Corporate Social Responsibility activity. The call was to create a socially impactful campaign that promoted the brand's main message "Leave the pain to us" and enhance brand engagement.

The brief included Nurofen's global brand platform, ‘Leave the pain to us’, that encompasses its product ranges. The campaign aimed to increase connection with the brand Nurofen, embrace the local aspect, and bring to life the global platform in an innovative way through a Corporate Social Responsibility activity. 

The campaign objectives were to encourage consumers to engage with the brand Nurofen in a positive and inspiring way. In addition, the aim was to communicate the message that Nurofen is the pain expert and that consumers can rely on the brand to help them continue their everyday activities, even the most important ones.


We all share the same feeling when it comes to our firefighters. A staggering admiration and utmost respect for these low-profile, everyday heroes. This campaign film emphasizes the human aspect of firefighters and their complex emotions. 

A story that happened in the past was the reason for the film's protagonist to realize that this was his calling. As we watch the young boy whose mother was rescued from a fire at home by an inspiring firefighter, we take a glimpse into the emotions involved in every new rescue he is called upon. The boy who grew up to become a firefighter, recalls the memory and gets the strength he needs to continue. The different operations performed by the Cyprus Fire Service are demonstrated in scenes throughout the film.

Even if this campaign was an indirect Corporate Social Responsibility action, its effectiveness relies on supporting the community and our everyday heroes.

The target audience was males and females, 18 - 65, living in Cyprus, reached through a multi-channel approach. 

A breathtaking, four-minute video featuring a fire-related story, was the main focus of this campaign. The purpose was to show less of the technical aspect of this job and more of the emotions involved. The film gave us a glimpse into the emotions related to every new call that firefighters respond to. This was achieved by showing a memory played out in the mind of a firefighter, right before entering into a new rescue. 

Real firefighters provided an ideal cast that touched people's hearts through their roles, portraying none other than themselves.

Along with the film, on-site photography enriched the campaign with stunning visuals of real firefighters. The campaign also included OOH billboards, YouTube Ads as well as Social Media and local publishers.


The "Proud of our firefighters" film features real firefighters. An open casting call was placed among the firefighter service. The cast selection produced an ideal group of non-professional actors, who re-enacted their real-life experiences in this emotional film. 

Part of the storyline was set in the past, twenty years ago. In this historical retrospective, real uniforms, equipment, and vehicles of the time were used. For filming purposes, controlled, real-life rescue scenes were set up to dramatize the multi-faceted task they are required to perform every day.

Dozens of firefighting vehicles and specialized equipment were employed for the production. More than a hundred firefighters were included in the cast, under the direction of the renowned, Greek director Thodoris Papadoulakis. 

The filming took place in multiple locations including a military airport, the former premises of the marine corps, the Joint Rescue Coordination Center, sea & mountain locations as well as fire stations.

This Corporate Social Responsibility activity "Proud of our firefighters" was impactful and connected the brand with the respected, heroic body of firefighters. People associated the Nurofen brand with the Fire service, and its positive impact was reflected in the brand perception.

The virality of the campaign was inevitable, as people flooded social media platforms with shares and messages of support for the Cyprus firefighters, with the biggest supporter being Nurofen. Several local sites featured the campaign organically expanding the paid ad reach and effectiveness.

The exposure achieved, exceeded initial estimations. People do genuinely appreciate firefighters and they do not hesitate to show their support. That is why they embraced this activity with enthusiasm and therefore developed an unparallel brand connection with Nurofen, which was the instigator for this action.


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