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Every tooth is unique - as unique as a fingerprint! This means that your smile, your daughter’s smile, your favourite actor’s smile are unique, too. Our client wanted to emphasise just how much oral care needs can vary, and how important it is to find the oral care products that suit individual needs.


Brainstorming around the notions of individuality and uniqueness, we came up with the idea of portraying different personalities. We chose 4 profiles: the organised, the perfectionist, the expert and the “silly billy,” and matched them up with 4 Sunstar GUM products..


The campaign had to be two things: BIG and OUT THERE. To reach as many people as possible, it needed to span many channels, both online and offline, for a long period of time: TV, radio, social media, digital ads & print ads. The campaign was to be split into two parts: the first series of posts and ads was to be educational, to create top-of-mind brand awareness, and the second was to be product-based, to encourage users to take action.


We wrote scripts, built a landing page, casted for actors and spent endless hours on set, all the while maintaining close communication with the client to ensure every detail was just as they envisioned. Then we rethought, rewrote, rebuilt some more.

Our social media campaign posts directed users to the landing page, inspiring them to learn more about the Dos and Don’ts of efficient tooth brushing, and informing them on just how different everyone’s oral care needs are.

The visuals across all channels featured the signature Sunstar GUM emerald green, with subtle, fun graphics that maintained the brand’s up-beat, helpful identity.


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