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This red pie is your monthly income!

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Bank products are not always easy for the public to grasp. This was our first thought when we were faced with the challenge of coming up with a creative approach to promote Hellenic Bank's consolidation plan.


To spread awareness for Hellenic Bank's One Bank, One Loan Product, create application leads and promote the services "Calculate your monthly installment instantly" and "Find out if you are eligible to receive a loan" via a landing page. 


Even though the creative idea was indeed far fetched, it was spot on! An actual pie demonstrated how various loans and their monthly installments were taking away from someone's monthly income. The campaign also involved a complex landing page with calculators so that the new monthly installment with One Bank One Loan could be calculated instantly.


A TV Ad, a series of creative Posts, Covers, Animations, Google Ads, Local Publishers Banners and a landing page were created and promoted. The TV Ad's photographs were also used for outdoor Posters, Print ads and Billboards.

The Facebook account of Hellenic Bank is hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social where all the magic happens!


TV and Video Ads
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It is hard to miss a TV Ad featuring only one red pie!

Brand: Hellenic Bank
Product: One Loan
Agency: Summercliff
Country: Cyprus
Released: November 2016
Category: TV Advert
Director: Louis Andreou
Advertising Agency: Summercliff
Creative Director: Christina Constantinou
Art Director: Christina Nicolaou
Creative Crew: Vasia Andreou, Mary Pillakouri
Production Company: Coffee Films
Post Production: Andreas


TV and Video Ads