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Through the eyes of our fire-fighters


Nurofen and LifePharma / MSJ Group supported this innovative Corporate Social Responsibility activity, “Proud of our firefighters” produced by the creative ad shop Summercliff.

We all share the same feeling when it comes to our firefighters. A staggering admiration and utmost respect for these low-profile, everyday heroes. 


To follow up on the success of the four-minute video featuring a breathtaking, fire-related story, this campaign included a series of Videos featuring real firefighters' stories in the form of interviews. All campaign material and interviews were hosted on the landing page proudofourfighters.com.

These interviews emphasized the human aspect of a firefighter and their complex emotions as lived through real-life incidents. 

This Corporate Social Responsibility activity "Proud of our Firefighters" was impactful and connected the brand with the respected, heroic body of firefighters. People associated the Nurofen brand with the Fire service and its positive impact was reflected in the brand perception.


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