On Line, Off Line, Below the Line, Above the Line.
There is No Line!

it's not about us

You may wonder why we are called Summercliff.
It has something to do with the breeze of fresh air and the thrill of the height.

It is really not about us, but if we have to go there, we are a new kind of Advertising Agency. One that combines the forces of creativity, marketing, IT and professional service. Creativity is at the core of our business. Add, first class service, powered by in house IT, and you have a new kind of advertising agency that does both digital and traditional marketing. We are Summercliff.

What is it that bonds a group of people across various disciplines into one good team? It is the willingness to excel as a collective, towards one goal. Results. This is how we see ourselves. As part of a larger thing. A unified chain that materializes ideas. From the most complex projects to the simplest task, we work as a unit and create awesome campaigns for our clients.

Some of our tools we created from scratch. Like our world class social media management platform, Berry. In our marketing arsenal we also have our very own online Ad Serving Tool, with access to all local publishers. And Google Adwords, of course. Media planning, media buying, reports and all traditional advertising services are also right up our alley.