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A new groundbreaking campaign

Perfect U

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Challenging stereotypes and celebrating the perfection of diversity

Discover the new definition of perfection with Perfect U, as we redefine beauty norms in our latest Video Ad!


Summercliff has crafted a captivating and glamorous Video Ad for Perfect U that challenges conventional standards without relying on traditional glamour. The focal point of this project is the celebration of ordinary individuals transforming into their ideal selves.


Our creative concept showcases diverse individuals, including women from various backgrounds and even a man, embracing their perfect selves in unexpected ways. The twist lies in depicting these individuals engaging in activities not typically associated with their physical appearances. A stunning woman adeptly welds iron as a car mechanic, a handsome man confidently parades through an old neighborhood in Nicosia wearing a pink suit and in full makeup while holding a Pomeranian, a dynamic leather jacket-clad rider unveils her powerful makeup story, a man stands back while the spotlight shines on his star wife at the premiere of her movie, two girlfriends revel in the rain alone, and a powerhouse beauty vigorously lifts weights. Each scene is crafted to emphasize one overarching theme – diversity.


To bring this inclusivity concept to life, we created a Video Ad, a series of creative Posts, Covers, Animations, Google Ads, Local Publishers Banners, and a Landing Page. The captivating visuals from the TV Ad were repurposed for outdoor Posters, Print ads, and Billboards.

The campaign slogan "It's perfect to be you!" challenges stereotypes and celebrates the beauty of diversity with Perfect U's groundbreaking campaign. 


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