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A sensational OOH!

Ahmad Tea

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Larger than life, submerging pleasure!

Ahmad Tea logo

Ahmad Tea is a heart warmer. All we had to do was to show it! GCharalambous and Summercliff teamed up to raise awareness about Ahmad Tea through a sensational OOH placement.


The aim of this collab was to remind people that no matter how hard or easy their day was, a hot cup of warm Ahmad Tea was waiting for them at home! 


In order to communicate the message, larger-than-life images of teabags submerging into hot water were placed in strategic locations in the highways.


A smart OOH campaign has been implemented, with billboards that emphasize the pureness of the tea in two different flavours.

Summercliff was also responsible for Ahmad Tea’s social media presence from July 2019- Feb. 2021. The main channels used are Facebook and Instagram, where content is published and promoted. 

The account of Ahmad Tea was also being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social


Social Media Presence