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The Cyprus Ministry of Interior and the Department of Town Planning and Housing wanted to create awareness about the procedure of acquiring a building permit. The call was to create an informative campaign that demonstrated the speed and efficiency of this service.


Two local celebrities were the ambassadors of this campaign. During their visit to their architect to start planning for their dream house they expressed with humor that it seemed to be a very long process, which seemed to be the public's general opinion.

A 30-second video featuring the couple talking with their architect showed with humor that they expected their permit to be released in some years time. The film however contradicted their theory through the voice of the architect.  


Along with the film, on-site photography enriched the campaign with visuals of the couple. The campaign also included OOH billboards, YouTube Ads as well Social Media and local publishers.

The target audience was males and females, 25- 65, living in Cyprus, reached through a multi-channel approach. 

The exposure achieved, created a buzz about the subject and enabled the public to learn more about the procedures. 


TV and Video Ads
Radio Ads
Outdoor campaign

Advertising on screens in malls


TV and Video Ads