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House in a few Steps

Hellenic Bank

Summercliff advertising agency

Slices of life, "sliced" from a floor angle showing only steps, created the cue for the campaign slogan "House loan in a few steps"

Let's create a TV Ad featuring legs, feet, shoes and toe fingers... for a bank's House Loan product! It doesn't sound like a realistic scenario, does it? But yes, it happened! And it was brilliant!


To spread awareness of the Hellenic Bank's House Loan Product, increase Application leads and demonstrate the services "Calculate your monthly installment instantly" and "Find out if your are eligible to receive a loan" via a landing page.


The creative idea featured various steps, steps around the house, around the garden, but from a different angle. Slices of life, "sliced" from a floor angle showing only steps, created the cue for the campaing slogan "House loan in a few steps". Get closer to acquiring the house of your dreams in just a few steps, starting from a landing page. Find out your monthly installment!


A TV Ad, a series of creative Posts, Covers, Animations, Google Ads, Local Publishers Banners and a Landing Page were created. The TV Ad's photographs were also used for outdoor Posters, Print ads and Billboards.

The Facebook account of Hellenic Bank is hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social where all the magic happens!


TV and Video Ads
Digital Campaigns
Landing Pages
A few steps to...



Calculator site

Traffic was diverted to a Landing Page created by Summercliff that calculated the monthly installment for a customer's housing loan.


Landing Pages

Outdoor Posters

A poster for the campaign was printed and placed on one of the Hellenic Bank's buildings.