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United World Colleges (UWC) is a prestigious educational program offering life-changing experiences to students globally. Despite its transformative potential, the program was relatively unknown to the local community. The challenge was to create awareness for UWC, and address the queries of those unfamiliar with this academic opportunity.

IMPLEMENTATION: Candid Conversations in a Cozy Atmosphere

Summercliff, driven by the desire to connect with the audience authentically, created a strategy that revolved around real stories from UWC students. Over 10 students were selected to participate in intimate interviews held in a relaxed coffee shop setting. The shooting was professional, capturing the genuine essence of each student's experience.

The interviews were structured to elicit candid responses, providing an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of UWC students. These conversations covered every aspect of their UWC journey, ranging from the challenges they faced to the profound impact the program had on their lives. The coffee shop ambiance created an atmosphere of openness, allowing the students to share their stories in a genuine and unscripted manner.


Summercliff's strategy was to create awareness about the UWC program and its available scholarships. Recognizing the power of personal narratives, the agency aimed to showcase the diverse personalities and incredible stories of UWC students. By allowing the students to narrate their own experiences, the program became relatable and inspiring for a broader audience.

Through engaging and emotionally resonant content, the campaign aimed to highlight the tangible impact UWC had on shaping young minds. The focus was not only on showcasing the program but also on addressing common questions and concerns potential candidates might have.

The result was a captivating series of interviews that not only brought the UWC program into the limelight but also forged a deep connection with the audience. Summercliff's strategy successfully showcased this aspirational opportunity, laying the foundation for increased awareness and accessibility through scholarships.


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