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Progressive Insurance

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Mobile Insurance

For the past 30 years, Progressive Insurance Cyprus has provided top quality services for both individuals and corporations at competitive quotes. For this specific campaign, the spotlight fell upon their competitive tablet & mobile insurance plans.


Communicate the multiple mishaps that might befall a new smartphone or tablet (in a light-hearted and concise way), and highlight the importance of insuring new devices against them.


S#@! happens! This simple statement, despite being true, is not always at the forefront of our consciousness. Since humourous content tends to be memorable, we created and placed a fun motion graphics video at the core of our campaign. This was to humourously raise awareness around the device damage or loss that smartphone owners might be faced with.


The video was published on YouTube and social media and viewed thousands of times. Our efforts were supported by a Google Display Network campaign that ran in parallel, and out-of-home advertising, such as billboards. These urged the public to insure their new phone first – and take their very first selfie later.


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