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A Breath of Fresh Relief


Strepsils, distributed by MSJ Group, collaborated with Summercliff to create a video ad emphasizing the versatility of their throat lozenges, not just during winter but throughout the year.

  • Develop an engaging video ad for Strepsils highlighting its year-round usability.
  • Illustrate Strepsils as a vital companion for summer outings, especially in mountain settings.
  • Incorporate the brand's signature mascot in an animated barbecue setting for added appeal.


Summercliff's strategy for the Strepsils video ad aimed at portraying the product's versatility in an enjoyable and relatable context. The goal was to create an ad that not only communicated the year-round benefits of Strepsils but also captured the essence of summer mountain escapades.


Summercliff crafted a script that brought the brand's mascot into a lively barbecue setting in the mountains. The animated scenes showcased Mr T enjoying the outdoors, engaging in summer activities, and emphasizing the importance of Strepsils for throat comfort amidst seasonal transitions.


The Strepsils video ad not only effectively communicated the product's year-round usefulness but also resonated with the audience. The animated mascot in the barbecue setting added a playful touch, making the ad both relatable and memorable. The campaign contributed to increased awareness and consideration of Strepsils, as a go-to solution for throat comfort during summer outings.

In conclusion, Summercliff's approach turned a seasonal product advertisement into a vibrant and enjoyable visual experience, effectively highlighting Strepsils relevance beyond the typical winter months. The success of the video ad contributed to heightened brand visibility and increased engagement, especially among those seeking throat relief during their summer mountain escapade


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