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Zita Dairies has a simple mission: to offer the best quality yoghurt at the best value, using authentic Cypriot recipes.


2019 marked the 20th anniversary of Zita strained yoghurt, that’s expertly crafted using fresh milk and the finest modern straining techniques. Out task was to create a TV ad revealing the strained yoghurt’s new packaging.


We wanted to communicate the freshness and purity of the ingredients chosen for the making of the yoghurt. What better way to convey this than showing the ingredients’ natural origin!


Our visual approach was plain and heads-on: a front-view shot of 3 strained yoghurt containers, each one indicating a different fat content. We animated a cow silhouette moving from the surface of one tub to another, passing through all three, before having the Zita logo fade in, with a tag communicating the products’ 20th anniversary. The script followed a similar logic, mentioning only what was necessary: the expertise and know-how that together result in great-tasting yoghurt.


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