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A Chilling Symphony: Frosty Delight with Mr T

Strepsils, distributed by MSJ Group, collaborated with Summercliff to create a video ad emphasizing the versatility of their throat lozenges, not just during winter but throughout the year.


  • Develop a delightful video ad for Strepsils, showcasing its year-round usefulness.
  • Illustrate Strepsils as an essential companion for various occasions, particularly during ice cream moments.
  • Incorporate the brand's signature mascot in an animated ice cream setting for added appeal.


Summercliff's strategy for the Strepsils video ad aimed at portraying the product's versatility in a relatable context. The goal was to create an ad that not only communicated the year-round benefits of Strepsils but also captured the essence of enjoying ice cream moments.


Collaborating closely with Strepsils, distributed by MSJ Group, Summercliff crafted a script that brought the brand's mascot into a lively ice cream setting. The animated scenes showcased Mr T relishing various ice cream flavors, highlighting the importance of Strepsils for throat comfort amidst indulgent frozen treats.

The Strepsils video ad not only effectively communicated the product's year-round usefulness but also resonated with the audience. The animated mascot in the ice cream setting added a delightful touch, making the ad both relatable and memorable. The campaign contributed to increased awareness and consideration of Strepsils, positioning it as a go-to solution for throat comfort during moments of icy indulgence.

Summercliff's approach turned a seasonal product advertisement into a delightful visual experience, effectively highlighting Strepsils' relevance beyond the typical winter months. The success of the video ad contributed to heightened brand visibility and increased engagement.


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