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Navigating "Move Money" with a Dash of Hogwarts

Hellenic Bank engaged Summercliff to create a lively tutorial video for their mobile app's "Move Money" feature. The challenge was to illustrate the diverse aspects of fund transfers, from local account movements to international transactions, in a manner that was not just educational but also infused with humor and intelligence.


  • Develop a tutorial video for Hellenic Bank's mobile app, spotlighting the versatile "Move Money" feature.
  • Convey complex financial transactions humorously and intelligently.
  • Elevate user experience by making the tutorial engaging and easy to comprehend.


Summercliff's strategy for the "Move Money" video focused on integrating comedy with intelligence. The aim was to create a video that not only demystified financial transactions but also entertained users with a touch of humor.


Working closely with Hellenic Bank's financial experts, Summercliff crafted a script that combined financial insights with comedic elements. The video showcased the "Move Money" feature through entertaining scenarios, making financial transactions, from local transfers to tuition fee payments, not just informative but also amusing.


The tutorial video on "Move Money" not only simplified the complexities of financial transactions but also left users with a positive and memorable impression of the app. The infusion of humor and intelligence resonated well with the audience, leading to a more enjoyable exploration of the Hellenic Bank mobile app.

In conclusion, Summercliff's strategy turned financial transaction tutorials into an entertaining experience, presenting the app's features with a comedic touch. The success of the "Move Money" video contributed to the user-friendly reputation of the Hellenic Bank mobile app, maintaining the high standard set by the entire tutorial series.


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