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Pump-up with Super Protein

Zita, a renowned yogurt brand, partnered with Summercliff to launch a series of TV video ads for their new Protein Yogurt tailored for fitness enthusiasts. The challenge was to create visually captivating and informative ads that not only highlighted the protein-packed goodness but also resonated with the dynamic and health-conscious audience across various workout routines.


  • Develop a compelling series of TV video ads for Zita's Protein Yogurt, featuring different workouts.
  • Emphasize the protein-rich features appealing to diverse fitness enthusiasts.
  • Craft a visual narrative that captures the energy and health-conscious mindset of the varied target audience.


Summercliff's strategy for the Zita Protein Yogurt ad series aimed at blending visual allure with nutritional insights. The goal was to create a set of ads that not only spotlighted the protein content but also connected with the active and health-conscious lifestyles represented by diverse workout routines.


Collaborating closely with Zita's marketing team, Summercliff crafted a visually dynamic series of scripts featuring various workouts. The Zita Protein Yogurt TV ad series not only effectively communicated the product's nutritional benefits but also resonated with a wide spectrum of fitness-conscious audiences. The visually enticing scenes and diverse workout narratives contributed to increased brand awareness and a positive reception among individuals seeking protein-rich options for various exercise routines.

In conclusion, Summercliff's approach transformed a series of yogurt advertisements into a dynamic and informative visual experience, effectively highlighting the protein-packed features of Zita's new Protein Yogurt across a spectrum of workouts. The success of the TV ad series contributed to heightened brand visibility and increased engagement within the diverse fitness enthusiast community.


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