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Cracking Open Accounts

Hellenic Bank entrusted Summercliff with crafting a tutorial video for their mobile app's "Open Account" feature. The challenge was to make the account-opening process, specifically for deposit accounts, not just educational but also inject humor and intelligence, emphasizing the convenience of doing so from anywhere, anytime.


  • Develop a tutorial video for Hellenic Bank's mobile app spotlighting the "Open Account" feature.
  • Convey the ease of opening a deposit account without visiting the bank.
  • Infuse the tutorial with humor and intelligence to enhance engagement.


Summercliff's strategy for the "Open Account" video aimed to weave comedy seamlessly with intelligent insights. The objective was to create a video that not only simplified the account-opening process but also entertained users.


Collaborating closely with Hellenic Bank's experts, Summercliff crafted a script that combined financial acumen with comedic elements. The video showcased the "Open Account" feature through humorous scenarios, emphasizing the user-friendly process of opening a deposit account comfortably from home, free from the hassles of queues.

The tutorial video on "Open Account" not only made the account-opening process entertaining but also left users with a positive and memorable experience. The blend of humor and intelligence resonated well with the audience, contributing to a more enjoyable exploration of the Hellenic Bank mobile app.


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