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A Fin-tastic Tale of Locking and Unlocking

Hellenic Bank tapped into Summercliff's creativity to produce a tutorial video for their mobile app's "Lock/Unlock" feature. The challenge was to narrate the process of securing an account if a card is lost or stolen, and to do so in a fun, humorous, and intelligent way that showcased the simplicity of using the Hellenic Bank mobile app.


  • Develop a tutorial video for Hellenic Bank's mobile app highlighting the "Lock/Unlock" feature.
  • Communicate the ease of securing an account if a card is lost or stolen.
  • Infuse the tutorial with humor and intelligence to engage and reassure users.


Summercliff's strategy for the "Lock/Unlock" video was to tell a whimsical story. The objective was to create a video that not only explained the serious matter of account security but also engaged users with a comically illustrated narrative.


Collaborating closely with Hellenic Bank's experts, Summercliff crafted a script that merged a humorous storyline with essential information. The video unfolded the tale of a tropical adventure where a character's card was comically taken by an illustrated shark. The script then showcased the simplicity of locking the account through the app and the ease of unlocking it once the card was found.

The blend of humor and intelligence resonated well with the audience, emphasizing that securing one's account with the Hellenic Bank mobile app is not only vital but also surprisingly easy.

In conclusion, Summercliff's approach transformed a serious subject into a lighthearted experience, presenting the app's features with a humorous touch. The success of the "Lock/Unlock" video added to the user-friendly reputation of the Hellenic Bank mobile app, maintaining the high standard set by the entire tutorial series


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