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Deputy Ministry of Research Innovation and Digital Policy

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The Department of Electronic Communications partnered with Summercliff to create a video ad emphasizing the significance of purchasing proper and safe radio equipment. The challenge was to humorously portray the consequences of buying a baby monitor without the essential CE indication, which ensures the safety of radioelectric equipment within the EU.


  • Develop an engaging video ad for the Department of Electronic Communications, emphasizing the importance of safe radio equipment.
  • Illustrate the potential consequences of purchasing a baby monitor without the CE indication.
  • Raise awareness about EU guidelines and safety regulations for electronic communications, particularly in the context of childcare products.


Summercliff's strategy for the Department's video ad aimed at blending humor with a critical safety message. The goal was to create an ad that not only showcased the potential pitfalls of buying a baby monitor without the CE indication but also educated the audience on the importance of adhering to EU safety guidelines, especially in products related to childcare.


Collaborating closely with the Department of Electronic Communications, Summercliff crafted a humorous script illustrating the misadventures of someone who purchased a baby monitor online but lacked the necessary CE indication. The animated scenes humorously depicted the repercussions of unsafe equipment, highlighting the importance of the CE indication for ensuring safe electronic communications within the EU.

The Department's video ad not only effectively communicated the safety message but also resonated with the audience. The humorous approach made the safety message more engaging, effectively educating viewers about the potential risks associated with neglecting the CE indication for radio equipment, particularly baby monitors. The campaign contributed to heightened awareness and consideration of safety regulations within the EU, emphasizing the importance of safety in childcare products.

Summercliff's approach turned a crucial safety message into a humorous and impactful visual experience, effectively highlighting the consequences of overlooking the CE indication for radio equipment, specifically baby monitors. The success of the video ad contributed to increased awareness and understanding of safety regulations among the audience of the Department of Electronic Communications, promoting a safer and more informed approach to radio equipment purchases, especially those related to childcare.


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