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Fire Safety

As wildfires devastate our island every year, especially in the summer, this campaign aim to address civilians in mountainous areas and inform them on how to stay safe.


Create a 30-second video with a clear message, targeted at people whose homes are surrounded by forest areas. The key point to emphasise was that escape routes in a community can change depending on the conditions, and that civilians must closely follow instructions as given to them by first responders on site.  


We started by filming footage in picturesque countryside locations in Cyprus, to evoke a sense of familiarity in our viewers. This emotional connection would help make the delivery of our message easier. Our script was kept straightforward and our sentences uncomplicated. Radio ads, Google GDN and YouTube were also empoloyed.


We brought together our visuals and script, which, in their simplicity, created a powerful result. Fires can break out without warning and affect any area, so it was important not to sensationalise the facts, but rather deliver them calmly in an insightful manner.


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