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Tradition in a yogurt jar!

“New flavour, traditional value”


In Cypriot cuisine, yogurt is a must side dish, as long as it’s fresh and local. That is why so many love Zita Dairies, for their impeccable taste and pure ingredients. Bringing even more flavours of the island, they created a new traditional sheep’s milk yogurt. We introduced it to the world, honouring its story.


For a brand such as Zita, which has been pioneering for two decades, history and authenticity are important. Using modern straining techniques, fresh sheep’s milk from small dairy farms in rural Paphos, they brought a new flavour to the market with brand-new packaging. We took on the task of creating a TV, radio and social media campaign to promote this new product.


Introducing a new product is more than just the product itself. It’s about its story, especially if it relies on traditional values. We put our llamas to work to create digital campaigns in order to translate the value and characteristics of Zita’s new sheep’s milk yogurt.


Our approach was all about telling a story, so it needed captivating visuals and inspiring copy. Our in-house animation-style videos depicted every step of this traditional yogurt-making process. From collecting fresh sheep’s milk every day from rural Paphos to its production in high-quality dairy factories. For a bigger impact, we created content across multiple channels at once. Following a radio spot, our creative social media posts further introduced Zita’s new yogurt re-sharing its story and suggesting ways to enjoy it with favourite Cypriot dishes.

To capture the artisan crafting of the new ship's yogurt, we employed a drawing technique with reference to acuarel painting. The whole video was created as an animated canvas which resulted to a fascinating hand drawing.


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