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European Excellence Awards Shortlist 6!

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In 2016, some 10 sq km of forest burnt and 2 fire fighters lost their lives in one of the worst fires in Cyprus history. Hellenic Bank and MasterCard wanted to create a digital campaign which promoted their action to reforest affected areas and at the same time reward 5 of the participants with a vacation to tropical Maldives. The “Green” destination of Maldives was chosen after the reforesting theme.


To spread awareness of the competition, increase MasterCard usage but most importantly to provide a message of hope to the affected populations.


The creative challenge was to create a triple message that demonstrated the commercial aspect of using a MasterCard, reforesting, and the competition. First, the custom word “ReTree” was created and written with custom typography. Then the Maldives vacation was incorporated with a stylised palm in the logo sentence “ReTree Cyprus & Win a Trip”. Several retail objects, were “dressed” in a tree pattern. This was done to symbolise that by purchasing these everyday items people help regrow some of the forests lost in the fires.


Four visuals were promoted in Social Media, while the main visual was used for Google Adwords and Local Portals Banners. A landing page was also created to divert traffic.

The Social accounts of Hellenic Bank are being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!


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Mastercard campaign site

Traffic was diverted to a Landing Page created by Summercliff.


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Full page magazine ads were also used.


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European Excellence Awards!

This campaign for Hellenic Bank was honored by the European Excellence Awards in the category Financial Institutions! Shortlist final 6 among HSBC, Alecta, American Express, EOS and Deutschen Bank!

We are proud to have lost to HSBC's gender equality campaign!