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Cyprus’ Press and Information Office collaborated with Summercliff in order to create the summer 2019 anti-fire campaign. This is a matter of utmost importance in an island with the weather conditions and the temperature levels that characterize the Cypriot summer.


The main aim of this campaign was to inform the public about the easiness by which fires are set during summer, due to the weather conditions in combination with the fodders that exist in abundance all over the island. 


One of the major challenges of this project was the intention to create a concept that would not have an intimidating or threatening character, despite dealing with the danger of fire. The whole idea was to deal with the concept of summer fires in an informative, and hopeful way, but not in an educational or patronising way.

Bearing these in mind, Summercliff came up with a concept that was based on the heavy rain fall that Cyprus experienced the winter preceding this campaign, that contrasted many previous winters of draught, and built the campaign on the idea of “new life” that comes as a result of the “gift” of rain. Through images of forests and dams, and with "Let's not turn the gift of rain to ash!" as central slogan, the audience was prompted to preserve and protect this new life in order to ensure a better, greener and more hopeful future for our children.


The implementation included a TVC and radio advertisements, as well as billboards.


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