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Summercliff and Pahit Ice worked together to create the ice cream brand's campaign for Summer 2018. 


Aim of the campaign was to create a buzz around the Pahit Ice products and to emphasize their attribute of freshness, both in the literal and in the metaphorical sense. In doing so, to also draw connecting links between the brand, its artisan recipes, and its affinities with Italian traditional ice cream, aspects that separate Pahit Ice from its competitors.


The strategy followed included the creation of fun, attractive and engaging content that would catch people's attention and consolidate Pahit Ice's place as a leading ice cream producer in Cyprus. All the information created revolved around, and was accompanied by, the catch-phrase "made fresh".


Summercliff used various mediums for the implementation of the campaign, both online and offline. To begin with, it designed and ran a full Digital Campaign that included a Landing Page, and Google Banners/Ads that diverted traffic to the page. A powerful Social Media presence was also established with tailored content that facilitated the branding of Pahit Ice on Facebook and Instagram. An offline presence was maintained with a Radio Advertisement, Magazine Print Ads and Billboards that were positioned in crucial locations. 

The Facebook and Instagram accounts of Pahit Ice are being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!


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