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Zita Dairies

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New flavour in town

Zita Dairies logo

ZITA is ranked among the most famous dairy producers in Cyprus, including its delicious fruit yogurts for kids. All we had to do was show it and introduce the new cherry flavour!


The aim? To promote the cherry-flavoured yogurt in a language and visuals that kids would understand and parents would appreciate.


In order to present the new flavour in a fun and engaging way, we created a short yet captivating custom video illustration for TV, social media and YouTube, strategically shaped by characters and activities, children could relate to.


Putting our creativity to good use, we created a TV Ad bringing the characters depicted on the yogurt’s packaging to life! Colourful cartoon-like characters engage in kids’ activities, fueled with the energy the yogurt offers. Important ingredients such as the chocolate-covered cereal balls and cherries were added in this original illustration by our team in a playful manner.
A SMART choice for kids.


Animation & Post Production