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GUM Paroex 0.06%

Sunstar GUM

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2 minutes, 2 times, with these 2!

Sunstar GUM logo

Oral health and body health go hand in hand, and GUM Paroex 0.06% can look after both with just two moves, with two products, twice a day. This is what Summercliff wanted to emphasize in the TVC created for the promotion of this range of dental care by Sunstar GUM.


The main aim of this campaign was to raise awareness about the benefits that come with the daily usage of the GUM Paroex products, which protect teeth, prevent gum disease and create a shield for gums, so as to not allow germs to enter the body.  


The creative idea featured the morning routine of a woman, a routine relatable to all, that starts with the brushing of teeth and culminates in a huge smile for welcoming the day. The aim was to show that with two simple moves, the use of the two Paroex 0.06% products, twice a day, one's dental and body health are protected.


A TVC was created to be featured on major TV channels and online.


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