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if it's made with Kerrygold, it's not the same!

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Wanting to draw attention on the quality cheese range of its brand, Kerrygold, Summercliff created a digital campaign during the Winter season.


The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness on the Kerrygold cheeses range, and emphasize its quality and the difference in taste. This was to be done through a digital campaign.


Following the #DenEinaiToIdio (it’s not the same) tagline used for the promotion of Kerrygold butter, various creatives were conducted depicting the Kerrygold cheeses in festive contexts, as part of recipes that everyone loves and… craves for. In connecting the love for “cheesy” taste with Kerrygold’s difference in quality and flavour, the campaign created a buzz and invited people to try the cheeses.


Summercliff delivered a powerful digital campaign that included various creatives, animations and videos for use as Google banners, social media posts and YouTube video ads, achieving a high engagement.

The Social accounts of Kerrygold are being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!


Digital Campaigns
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mac'n'cheese with Kerrygold... it's not the same!

"Tasty" images were "served" as Google Banners and Social Media posts. 


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