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In April 2019, we welcomed our new strategic collaboration with Leroy Merlin! Our job is to give its digital presence a local flavour and communicate the brand’s relevance and values to the Cypriot market.


We aim to communicate the brand’s identity to Cypriot customers in a way that enhances awareness for the Leroy Merlin products and services. Our efforts would enable Leroy Merlin to reach a larger audience, beyond its DIY based perception.


Alongside product range promotion, creativity and fun are always present, attracting viewers' attention and raising awareness. Our team is also creating exciting video content for the brand which has produced great results in terms of metrics.


Strategically implementing creative visuals to promote Leroy Merlin’s products and services via Social Media and Google Ads.

The account of Leroy Merlin is being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!


TV and Video Ads
Digital Campaigns
Social Media Presence
Google Ads