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A short story with a long history!

Pahit Ice

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Starting at a bridge in Florence.

Pahit Ice logo

With dozens of stores across the island, Pahit-Ice is a brand favourite among local ice-cream lovers. Their artisan ice-cream, sorbet and fruity yoghurt is enjoyed all year ‘round… It goes without saying, we dove right into this project with big appetite!


We wanted the new designs to tell a story. A short story with a long history starting at a bridge in Florence.


We set out for a makeover. From an object as small as a cup, to a vehicle as hard-to-miss as a truck, our branding had to dress takeaway bags, napkins, cups, even cars, in Italian outfits representing the brand’s values and origins.


The fresh designs were applied to our digital content as well as used for printing on all scales: from napkins to branded vehicles. This enhanced brand visibility both offline and online.

Branded bags


Print Work

A story on a cup. Read me!



Catch me if you can!


Car Design