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In 1994, the first Aeliotis store opened its doors and offered the Cypriot consumer the largest selection of mobile phones on the island. Almost three decades later, there are now eight Aeliotis stores in the country, covering all major cities, and emphasising on exceptional customer service.


Create a fresh, instantly recognisable visual identity for the brand. As Aeliotis has been active on the Cypriot market for many years, we needed something bold to reflect the expertise of the brand, as well as something exciting to help connect the brand with a new-generation audience.


This makeover had to meet the following criteria: be fun, eye-catching, and different. We decided that the best way to tick all three boxes was through character creation. The result? A funky, fluffy, human-like character with no facial features or clear characteristics, expressing emotion through poses and movements!


The Aeliotis mascot became our protagonist on all channels, both offline and online. It starred on billboards, flyers, social media posts and animated ads. Coupled with minimal yet impactful copy, the mascot made communication for the brand effective and unique.


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