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For 40 years, the Cyprus Land Development Corporation (CLDC/KOAG) has been aiding low-income families and individuals from all cities in acquiring a home. In 2020, two brand new housing complexes were to be completed and become available to the public.


Raise awareness about the organisation's services and generate leads from interested parties.


To introduce the organisation and its actions, we created a landing page – a crystal clear space for the public to find all the necessary information. The design for the landing page was simplified as much as possible, with large sections following a scroll-down layout. All relevant information and terms were displayed clearly, for a hassle-free user experience.

The social media campaign was set to run for a month. Our creative team prepared about two posts per week that were to be sponsored across the channel to the appropriate target group, as well as a sponsored leads campaign running in parallel, to generate additional leads.


We created a series of visuals showcasing the corporation’s complete works, as well as heart-warming images of families and individuals moving into or enjoying their home. After all, that is KOAG’s goal. To enhance the process further, we ran a sponsored leads campaign on Facebook, where users could directly enter their details without needing to follow the tracked link to the landing page. Digital banners were created to supplement our efforts.

On the landing page we developed, interested individuals could apply by filling in their contact details, while a social and digital media campaign were launched promoting the page.


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