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Acropolis Group logo

Four venues, four different locations, four different identities yet all under the same brand. How do you highlight each one while keeping a consistency? 


Create a new image of Acropolis Group and a total rebranding of all its venues, showcasing each one's stand-out features whilst keeping a similar tone relating back to the umbrella brand.


We know that details matter especially in the F&B industry, that’s why we pay close attention to them. For a successful rebranding that will captivate the audience and will stick with them, every little fine point, makes a big difference. From branded napkins and new, individual logos, to taking into consideration the environment that surrounds the establishment, Summercliff knows that to capture the ethos of a brand and express it, a multitude of elements are to be considered. So, that’s what we did.


To re-shape a brand, online and offline actions are required. We started with a brand new website design, clearly showcasing each venue, stunning photography and our new designed menus – vital for the HORECA industry. To differentiate all the services, separate logos were created expressing each one’s character.

Acropolis Hill in Kapedes village is surrounded by tall, green pine trees. You won’t miss them in a visit to the restaurant or their distinct, fresh mountain smell. This was the inspiration behind its logo which is none other than a pine.

Platinum Club is a catering service offering high-end gourmet tastes. Luxury is what describes it so, a golden hand-fan became its logo.

At Ktima Oniron, the group’s events and weddings venue, dreams do come true. We symbolized that with a windmill, a dreamlike emblem that’s active all year round.

Pentanostimo is all about simple, home-cooked meals made with local herbs, amongst others. What’s better to represent it than a sincere, symmetrical natural shape.



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