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Welcome to Aretaeio Hospital’s Kappa Clinic!

“A brand within a brand”


Branding is more than just having an engaging and informative digital presence. It’s about setting the right tone and paying attention to details, making sure they all reflect the company’s ethos. Especially when it comes to a health centre that is already built on an existing and well-respected hospital.


Our approach had to encompass all that the private clinic stands for – personal touch, high quality and advanced healthcare and trustworthiness. We set out to design details that would be welcoming and professional, both online and in-person.


To create elegant and sophisticated visuals for the Kappa Clinic premises which at the same time are patient-friendly and generate descriptive and welcoming copy to introduce this health centre to visitors online. All while staying close to the path that Aretaeio Hospital has paved since 2006.


We know details matter so we poured our creativity into designing visuals for every corner of the clinic. From stationary and elegant stickers to signs and a new logo that had to balance a new idea with a long-standing, successful history.

But it’s not just visuals that matter. Words do too. So, we gave the clinic’s About Us section a makeover to further introduce it and what it stands for, lay out the values it is built on and describe its facilities and services. 



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