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Instant coffee is the immediate go-to boost for the majority of people, regardless of profession, schedule and lifestyle. GCharalambous and Summercliff teamed up to raise awareness about Celest instant coffee and the role it plays in people’s everyday lives.


The aim of this collab had been to show Celest’s relevance to every one and the various ways in which it can be enjoyed throughout the day, either as a booster or as a relaxing break.


In order to communicate the message, images of everyday moments with Celest, with which many people can identify with, are created and shared through different mediums. Summercliff treats each and every one with detail, flooding it with creativity, the way each cup deserves to be flooded with Celest coffee’s great taste.


A smart OOH campaign has been implemented, with billboards that emphasize the instant “company” that Celest provides to night owls, to early birds, and to every coffee lover. Summercliff is also responsible for Celest’s social media presence. The main channels used are Facebook and Instagram, where content is published and promoted.

The account of Celest is being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social where all the magic happens!


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Are you an early bird or a night awl?