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ΨώνιCE υπεύθυνα

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In an era that is all about the internet, wireless devices and online shopping, it is only natural that people would buy devices from various areas of the world without being certain about their suitability of use in their own country.

Cyprus’ Press and Information Office collaborated with Summercliff in order to raise awareness on the significance of compatibility when it comes to wireless radio-equipment devices such as mobile phones, TVs, laptops, remote-controls, baby monitors, drones and more. Additionally, to inform the public of Cyprus about the consequences that might come with the usage of non-compatible relevant equipment.


The main aim of this campaign was to emphasize the increasing number of wireless radio-equipment devices that keep operating in Cyprus and which are not compatible with the European standards; meaning, they are not CE certified. The significance of the CE label and the need of the buyer to comply with the European regulations by shopping radio-equipment that is compatible with the appropriate standards were of utmost importance. This said, it was imperative to highlight the fact that the operation of non-CE-certified devices can lead to their malfunctioning in a way that can affect the lives of the users and the ones around them.


In order to communicate the message as successfully as possible in a way that the audience would identify with, Summercliff came up with two upbeat videos that showed the possible malfunctioning of non-CE-certified equipment, and specifically a game console and a baby monitor, in a fun and catchy way. The campaign was called «ΨήφιCE υπεύθυνα», based on a word play with the concept of shopping and the importance of CE.


The implementation included a digital campaign featuring the two aforementioned videos.


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