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Tryfon Tseriotis assigned Summercliff its new promotional activity in regards to the Weetabix breakfast range. 


The idea was to create a project where people would participate in the Weetabuddy competition, that would be fun, engaging and would give various gifts. Aim of this act was to create a buzz around the Weetabix range and in the process of doing so, to further inform the public about the products, and to emphasize their healthy attributes and quality.


To create a buzz around the Weetabix products and to invite an enthusiastic participation required a strong online presence and promotion of the competition, and a clear communication both of the healthy attributes of Weetabix as well as the possibility of winning awesome Weeta-gifts. Each participant could create their own Weetabuddy on line!


Summercliff responded to this call by creating the Weetabuddy project competition, designing and implementing it, and enveloping it with a powerful Digital Campaign that included animated Google Banners and Facebook content.


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Weetabuddy Competition

Each Weetabuddy created enters the draw for the chance to win awesome Weeta-gifts!