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Scandia is not a country. It is an establishment.

Scandia logo

It is not a country but it makes a lot of things... happen. It makes for great service, for the greatest selection of electronic products, as well as for after sales care. Scandia may not be a country but it is certainly an establishment and it chose Summercliff for its social represantation.


To create further awareness about the brand, especially among younger people, promote its special range of brands and products, offers, connect with the local market and have an open channel of communication. Ultimately, to increase market share.


A striking creative concept along with the eye catching slogan and hashtag "Made in Scandia" demonstrate why Scandia is a preferred electronics chain.


A series of creative visuals and animations promoting Scandia products and services via Social Media channels were created. Promotional campaigns also run on a monthly basis.

The account of Scandia is being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social where all the magic happens!


Digital Campaigns
Social Media Presence
What does it mean to be Made in Scandia?

It means quality, the best brands under one roof, it means customer service before, during and after sales, it means... trust.


Digital Campaigns