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This one has a bubbly character!

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Who doesn’t love ice cream parlours? That’s a tricky one, since the answer is pretty simple… We all love ice cream parlours, but we seem to love them a little bit less during winter. Pahit Ice, one of the most renowned ice cream brands in Cyprus, laid claim to our love all-year-round with the launch of bubble waffle. Imagine a bubbly waffle shaped as a cone (to keep symbolism intact), topped with many fillings, their artisan ice cream included but not compulsory.


Summercliff was responsible for spreading the… sweet news. The aim was to raise awareness about the product and to show that Pahit Ice parlours can be relevant during the winter as well.


The strategy followed was the introduction of Bubble Waffle to the public as a luscious dessert, a non-typical waffle that one can carry in hand. It should be made known that there is a bubble waffle for every taste and every craving as, apart from the suggestions found in Pahit Ice menus, one can make its own combinations in which to indulge.


Apart from the brand identity and the design of the logo, Summercliff made professional product photo-shoots, designed the leaflets, outdoor posters for the Pahit Ice shops, as well as all other digital content.

The Facebook account of Pahit Ice is hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social where all the magic happens!


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