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From Branch Line to Online

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Upon launching its new, upgraded Mobile App, Hellenic Bank recognized the significance of creating the necessary buzz in order to inform its clients and prompt them into downloading and using it. Summercliff was assigned the Branding and the promotion of the campaign.


The major goal of the campaign was to raise awareness for this new MobileApp, promote its features and show how its usage can make banking easier for the clients since it will enable them to make their transactions anywhere and anytime. Specific features like the “Spendometer” were to be publicized, as well as a draw that would give three iPHONEXs to users who would download and log in to the App.


Summercliff approached the campaign with a fresh, contemporary and colourful attitude. It created material that on the one hand indicated the prevalence of banking in our daily lives and on the other hand it emphasized the convenience of being able to hold your banking experience in your hand. This resulted to the introduction of the App in an upbeat, playful and fun way that perfectly suits the fast pace of contemporary society and the needs of the people who live their lives “on the go” and have no time to spend in bank queues. The catch phrase “From Branch Line to Online” that got quickly caught up represents exactly this!


Online and Offline, Summercliff used various outlets to implement the campaign. It created Facebook posts and animations, posters, floor stickers, window stickers, two different flyers (with Usage Guidelines and General Information), a cut-out banner and wearable footers.

The Social accounts of Hellenic Bank are being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!


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