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The Kerrygold message spread in the social world!


Let's start with the cows. Irish, grass fed cows are happy cows. Happy cows make the best milk, which makes the best butter in the world! Not to mention how socially active they are themselves while in the fields! So, it is no suprise that the Kerrygold message is easy to spread across social media channels around the world. 


Summercliff is responsible for the social media presence of Kerrygold distributed in Cyprus by Tryfon Tseriotis, including creating all its content, copy, and promotions. 


The Kerrygold Cyprus Facebook account is represented in the social world the way it is supposed to. In its pure, simple form. We are also big fans! 

The Social accounts of Kerrygold are being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!

Photography property of Kerrygold ®


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