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Lots of reasons why you might need that money you 've been saving. That's just one right here.

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A creative approach to promote Hellenic Bank's Notice 35 was challenging. This was a bank product were people could withdraw money from theirs savings, up to 2K per month, without any penalties.


To spread awareness of the Hellenic Bank's Notice 35 product and create application leads via a landing page. 


The creative idea was to demonstrate some of those instances that one needs to take money from a savings account. Custom illustration with catchy titles demonstrated how easy it is to withdraw money from savings. The campaign also involved the creation of a landing page.


A series of creative Posts, Covers, Animations, banners and a landing page were created and promoted. The concept also became wobblers and Posters for the bank's branches.

The Facebook account of Hellenic Bank was hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social where all the magic happens!


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