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A spiritual campaign with a deep meaning.

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One man's journey is the inspiration behind the "Breathe" initiative. In his own words: "Breathe! Sense reality! Life and challenges are inseparable. Accept it! Manage your thoughts! Align them to your will! Breathe! Belief will lead your will to attain your goals!” Leonidas Hadjimitsis is leading the way in an 8km walk on the mountain of Mahairas, Cyprus. The mountain is home to the monastery of Mahairas, which has not only a religious but a spiritual meaning as well, to many people.


To provide informaton on the Breathe Walk to Mahairas and Leonidas Hadjimitsis' book "Breathe", raise awareness for MND and support Telethon.


A spiritual campaign with a deep meaning was created.


A series of breathtaking posts, visuals and videos, all produced in-house, were hosted on Facebook, YouTube and an event page and promoted via Social Media. Traffic was diverted to a website also created by Summercliff. Web Videos were also broadcasted on Cyprus National Broadcasting Corporation (CYBC).

The Facebook account of Breathe is being hosted on our own propriety platform www.berry.social, where all the magic happens!


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Celebrate the gift of breathing

We take it for granted. But if we take a minute to just Breathe, we may appreciate it more. A series of videos as well as captivating visuals told the story of this 8km walk on the mountain of Mahairas.


Social Media Presence


Traffic was diverted to a Website created by Summercliff.