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The arrival of 5G, the 5th generation mobile network, was greeted with varying degrees of scepticism around the world. Our team was chosen by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Innovation, to create several educational videos that would address the public’s questions about 5G, and communicate the groundbreaking innovation behind it.


Our task was to create and promote video content for both online and offline use, that concisely summarised:

- What 5G is

- Why we’re moving to 5G

- How 5G can change our lives

- How 5G can make positive contributions to our societies.


5G has the power to change just about every aspect of our daily lives; from self-driving vehicles to augmented reality helmets that help firefighters see the floorplans of burning buildings. Our video visuals had to reflect this tremendous technological leap.


We chose a dark colour palette for our backgrounds, consistent along all videos, with striking, vibrant motion graphics on top for visual antithesis. The 20-second duration that applied to all videos pushed us to consider our choice of words meticulously. The result was a collection of highly informative videos that straightforwardly covered many questions and conveyed just how many exciting things await in the near future. The whole project was completed in-house by our talented team.


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