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Tilda Basmati was promoted through a digital campaign that centred on the Tilda Basmati range.


The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness on the Tilda Basmati range that includes the Pure Basmati, Brown Basmati, Basmati & Wild Rice, Brown Basmati & Wild Rice, and Brown Basmati & Quinoa products. Through this, we connected the pureness of Tilda Basmati with health and wellness, and brought to the consumers’ attention the commitment of Tilda to quality.


Giving the Tilda Basmati as much visibility as possible required its powerful online presence and its connection with health through the image of the heart and the slogan used for the landing page, “Genuine Goodness”. Bringing it even closer to the consumers’ kitchens and tables, a recipe section was also included in the landing page, with recipes that included all the products of the Basmati range.


We were responible for the design and implementation of the Tilda Landing page, and with a powerful Digital Campaign that included animated Google Banners that appeared in numerous portals, attracting attention and diverting traffic to the page.


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