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There is No Line!
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2018: A Good Year?

Summercliff advertising agency

Summercliff! A new kind of advertising agency!

What is “A good year”? What defines it?

Amazing campaigns… Long standing clients… New accounts… Awards… Check, check, check, all check! Everyone’s definition of “A good year” varies. Ours is about creativity. If it was a creative year, it means it was “A good year”. Check out our impressive body of work!


What is creativity? A truth and a twist. You have to be honest, otherwise you are out. Irrelevant. And you have to make an impression. Make people smile and enjoy your work. Sales will come later. Good ideas don't just pop at the door for a cup of tea! It takes a lot of work and a bit of… magic! They’ve got this magic quality about them. You can’t really put it in words.


What’s next? Wait for it… Evolution!


Evolving is something we do well. What started off as GT digital, evolved into Cyprus' leading digital agency with an amazing international and local clientele including Blue Air, IKEA, Hellenic Bank, Kleenex, Lucozade, Huggies, Kerrygold, Scandia, Cyprus Airports Duty Free, Zita Dairies, and many more. Knowing that digital is only a branch of the tree, our next step in this natural progression is establishing a new creative advertising agency. One that does ONLINE as good as OFFLINE. We actually think that there is NO LINE!


Introducing Summercliff! A new kind of advertising agency! One that combines the forces of creativity, marketing, IT and professional service. Creativity is at the core of our business. Add, first class service, powered by in house IT, and you have a new kind of advertising agency that does both digital and traditional marketing. From fascinating TV commercials to traditional print ads, radio ads, websites, landing pages and digital / social media campaigns, we do it all well, across channels. And we've got the tools to support us.


Some of our tools we created from scratch. Like our world class social media management platform, Berry. A fascinating platform that makes our lives and those of our clients easier! Berry acts as a communication platform, calendar and promotion manager, performance analyzer. In our marketing arsenal we also have our very own online Ad Serving Tool, with access to all local publishers. And Google Adwords, of course. Media planning, media buying, reports and all traditional advertising services are also right up our alley.


Our creative projects have made an impact and have been recognised. See how the European Excellence Awards honoured our work!


Join us on our new journey of new beginnings, exciting campaigns, awesome results and fun!


See you on the other side of the cliff!