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Hellenic Bank collaborated with Summercliff to create a TV video ad for their Student Pack, a banking product tailored to meet the unique financial needs of students. The challenge was to design a vibrant and engaging ad that not only highlighted the various financial services within the Student Pack but also resonated with the youthful and dynamic audience.


  • Develop a captivating TV video ad for Hellenic Bank's Student Pack.
  • Illustrate the diverse financial services tailored for students vibrantly and engagingly.
  • Appeal to the dynamic and youthful target audience.


Summercliff's strategy for the Student Pack TV ad focused on blending vibrancy with essential information. The objective was to create an ad that not only showcased the tailored financial services but also connected with the energy and aspirations of the student demographic.


Collaborating closely with Hellenic Bank's marketing team, Summercliff crafted a visually compelling script that highlighted the various financial services offered in the Student Pack. The video featured dynamic scenes, relatable scenarios, and a youthful tone, making it both informative and appealing to the target audience.

Results: The Student Pack TV ad not only effectively communicated the tailored financial services but also captured the attention of the student demographic. The vibrant visuals and engaging narrative resonated well with the audience, leading to increased awareness and adoption of the Student Pack among students.

In conclusion, Summercliff's approach turned a financial product advertisement into a vibrant and dynamic visual experience, effectively showcasing the benefits of Hellenic Bank's Student Pack. The success of the TV ad contributed to a positive reception and increased engagement within the student community.