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Every six months, Hellenic Bank prepares several Industry Survey Reports, both in Greek and English, for topics such as Business, Real Estate & Construction, Retail Trade, Technology, Tourism & Leisure etc.


Summercliff delivered these printable documents, with corporate design appropriate for Hellenic Bank.


First concern for these Industry Reports is for each to be consistent with other print meterial, in a manner that makes it clear that they are documents of the same series. Therefore, Summercliff has created a layout for them, handling the design, and maintaining the branding image of Hellenic Bank.
Since these reports are mainly comprised of charts, graphs, and text appears only as explanatory notes, the design has to be one that communicates the data clearly and comprehensibly.


As always, Summercliff employs creativity to approach any project, including this type of corporate reports. The results are easy to read and follow.