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...da llamas love their berry!

You already know that our team is made up from various creative and forward-thinking people, AKA da llamas. What you might not know yet, is da Llamas love their berry!

Yeap! Llamas love their berry, customers love berry, and you will love it, too.

Berry, or Berry.Social is our own platform, built in-house from scratch out of the need to provide our customers with the best services possible. It is a platform for social media handling, which allows for a direct communication with the customers who can see, review, comment upon and receive changes on their monthly calendars.

Ever since its conception, berry exists among us, giving us the possibility to provide more efficient handling to every social media account that we manage on behalf of our customers. And it exists among us as a living, breathing organism, which we improve and develop based on our everyday work experience. Yes. We add to it constantly, responding quickly to the ever-growing demands of the market, as these are accompanied by a continuous reminder that for our customers time is money… quite literally.

And berry is no time-consumer. Quite the contrary. It is a valuable time-saver. And it becomes even more valuable by the day.

To put it otherwise, at a time when the needs are increasing, the channels are multiplying, the workload is augmenting and the competition is fierce, each brand needs tools for effective social media handling that will do not simply allow it to survive, but make it stand out among the competition. Berry provides all the information to serve these purposes. One need only to use these information for guidance and improvement.

Berry, which gives us a competitive advantage as a social media handling agency, is currently being used by our own customers free of charge. One could say that at the moment we are “investing” in our relationship with our customers, by enriching the services that we provide in such a valuable way. It is a fact that things are getting more demanding and more complicated. Our aim is to simplify them with a tool that makes our work more effective, time-efficient and productive.

Seal of Excellence!

All the berry advantages mentioned above, along with its further potential, have been acknowledged from the European program Horizon 2020, at which it received the Seal of Excellence. This is a major achievement, since Horizon 2020 is one of the most competitive European programmes, with thousands of participations annually.

After receiving the Seal of Excellence, our social media platform is currently funded by the Research Promotion Foundation and is in the process of further development. The future features of berry will make use of the newest technology, including Artificial Intelligence. Our aim is to develop it into an intelligent tool that will offer a more effective management and maximum ROI.

For da llamas, for our customers, and for… you.

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